In many settings/schools every child in the nursery and reception class has their own personal booklet, consisting of photographs and pictures to do with their lives out of school.

Staff in a school featured on our DVD, ‘Storytelling to make a difference’ decided that their Persona Dolls should also have booklets.

The headings for the pages of the Persona Doll books are:

√ This is my family. Names of family members are accompanied by a photograph of the Doll with people not known to the children, posing as her/his parents.

√ The flag, pictures or a map of the country where the family comes from. One Doll’s book says: “We live in London but we are from Romania.” Another: “I came from Somalia.”

√ At home I like to: includes a list of favourite play and activities, with pictures.

My favourite toy is: with pictures.

My favourite places are: e.g. the park, the library, my friend’s house.


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