Children’s emotional involvement in the stories is crucial. It helps to capture and deepen their interest, arouses their curiosity and challenges them intellectually.

In their everyday speaking voice practitioners tell the children what the Dolls have come to ‘tell’ them about.

They encourage children to think critically and outside the box; praise the ability of those who speak more than one language; boost self-esteem and confidence and crucially, give everyone time to reflect and respond.

Practitioners present a range of scenarios for children to listen to and talk about.PDT_img027These can open up a world of possibilities and encourage children to imagine what it might be like to live through situations that they have not personally experienced. They are faced with a variety of make-believe problems to solve and are required to support the Dolls in scary situations such as being bullied.

A record of the stories is kept so staff can keep up-to date on what has been happening in the Dolls’ lives.

Parents can be kept informed and involved, by displaying the stories on a special Persona Doll wall or table.

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