There are also many parents who are hostile to those from other countries or with religions/cultures different from their own. Holding such views prevents community cohesion and positive inter-relationships.

According to Theresa May:

“Hate crime has no place in Britain. In my 6 years as Home Secretary I saw the pain and suffering it causes – and the consequences when we fail to act. As Prime Minister, I am determined to make Britain a place where all our communities can flourish and all people – whatever their background, can go as far as their talents will take them. That means stamping out sickening and shameful hate crime…”

Practitioners need support and training to be able to respond when parents verbally or physically abuse others. They need to have the knowledge, skill and confidence to be able to support parents and children experiencing hate crime; to disseminate it to others and sustain it themselves.

Research shows that there is nothing more effective for the future than investing in young minds and training educators. The potential reach and impact is enormous.

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