In most settings and schools children are told stories at circle time that extend their intellectual horizons, develop their general knowledge and expand their vocabularies.

During Persona Doll storytelling sessions practitioners can do more than this. They ensure that some of the stories they tell provoke discussion about topical issues; are often about discriminatory incidents that have happened in the setting/school or are centred on an issue the practitioner wants to raise.

The children accept that the Dolls ‘tell’ the practitioners about their thoughts and feelings and ‘talk’ about the things that have happened to them. They care about the Dolls and want to help them solve any problems they may have.

PDT_img031As a four year old boy on the DVD, ‘Storytelling to make a difference’ stated with satisfaction at the end of a story:


Although not all problems are solvable, children see that talking about them with friends can be helpful. The stories help children appreciate that they are not alone – that others are in the same or similar situation, experiencing the same or similar painful feelings.


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