Celebrating Diversity: inclusion in practice


This DVD and support book are based on the principle that good practice = anti-discriminatory practice.

NOTE: DVD only, no booklets are available at present, hence sale price.



The children, parents and practitioners underline the importance of implementing inclusion and avoiding exclusion.

Practitioners, students, lecturers and trainers can:

  • Watch and enjoy children in various settings actively exploring similarities and differences and unlearning any discriminatory messages they may have absorbed.
  • See practitioners boosting children’s self-esteem, pride in their own cultural and family backgrounds while respecting and valuing those of the rest of the group.
  • See a teacher using a Persona Doll and watch the children reading, talking, thinking and making up their own minds about a racist letter the Doll finds in his bag .
  • Empathise with a parent talking about her feelings on leaving her child for the first time and with another’s fear of being judged a ‘bad’ mother.

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