Many practitioners and lecturers support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). Our approach is founded on Article 29. It states that the education of the child shall be directed to:

giving the pupil the possibility to develop in his or her own way and according to his or her ability.

teaching a respect for human rights and freedoms.

developing respect for the pupil’s cultural identity, language and values and for cultures different from his or her own.

preparing the pupil for a responsible life as an adult in a free society in a spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of the sexes and friendship among all peoples.

Our approach links with many aspects of the EYFS:

  • Helping children to develop positive relationships, understand the feelings of others, explore ideas about friendship.
  • Developing self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Encouraging them to listen to each other.
  • Helping them predict, order events, draw conclusions and speculate.
  • Addressing many of the characteristics of how children learn.

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