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    A downloadable pdf about Addressing Behaviour Issues with Persona Dolls.
  • This booklet addresses how to use Persona Dolls and their stories to enhance wellbeing, self-esteem and resilience amongst children. Issues such as transitions, fears and loss, feelings of loneliness and lacking in self-confidence can loom large for children. Persona Dolls can also help children address wider conditions of anxiety, for example the confusion and worry caused by the Covid19 pandemic. Children may feel confused, sad and/or angry by not being able to go to nursery or school, not seeing friends or extended family members, or people being ill at home. This booklet contains practical examples and general advice which we hope you'll find very useful both at home and in a school or nursery setting.
  • We have worked with Year 10 pupils to create six personas and stories that represent the authentic voice of the lived experiences of young people today. "Empowering Voices" is not only provides a vibrant resource for teachers of young children, but also describes how Persona Dolls can provide a safe space for older children to address issues of bias, and celebrate diversity and inclusion. You will receive a link to download the Empowering Voices File in your order confirmation email.
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    A pdf guide to getting started with the Persona Doll approach
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    A Persona Doll story about tackling racism.
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    Persona Dolls Take Action Against Bullying Not just for Anti-Bullying Week, but all year round A free download to guide you in the use of Persona Dolls to tackle bullying, including two sample stories.
  • The document shows an amazing piece of Persona Doll  work carried out by College Green NS - a maintained outstanding nursery school in London - to commemorate Remembering Stephen Lawrence Day, using Persona Dolls. This is a free download.
  • A programme of engaging and enjoyable ‘Equalities-Fitness’ Workshops, to help you identify and address equalities strengths and weaknesses in your school, early years setting or college department.  A good way to get your colleagues talking about diversity and inclusion, sharing ideas and experiences, improving everyone’s equalities practice. Initially designed to be a programme of 7 ‘bite-size’ 15 minute discussions to incorporate into 7 staff team meetings. But as the booklet describes – there are many other ways of running it to suit your circumstances. It is helpful if the discussions are facilitated by an outsider who does not know your setting well, and we would be delighted to do this for you. Whether you would like this or to manage it yourself, please do get in touch for more information prior to starting the programme at You will receive a link to download the Talking Points File in your order confirmation email.
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    World Refugee Week

    The Persona Doll approach to World Refugee Week


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